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Open Yeast Collection

The Open Yeast Collection contains one 96-well plate holding 92 DNA parts as raw plasmid DNA. Shipping as plasmid DNA permits distribution to locations where dry ice shipment of glycerol freezes is imposible.

All parts are cloned into the FreeGenes standard level 0 pOpen-v3 backbone plasmid and are all resistant to ampicillin. These building block parts can be used to assemble either individual yeast expression units or multi-enzyme pathways using Golden Gate Assembly.

Where Do I get it?

  • 19 Yeast Promoters
  • 14 CDS (genes), 2 secretion tags, 1 nuclear localization signal
  • 9 Yeast Terminators
  • 8 Yeast Selection Markers
  • 7 Pairs of 5' and 3' homology regions for genome integration
  • 3 Yeast Origins and 1 Origin of Transfer
  • 14 Left and Right Assembly Connectors for level 2 multi-gene assembly
  • 2 E. coli selection merkers and 2 origins of replication
  • 3 Assembly bridges for optional bypassing of assembly positions.

The Open Yeast Collection is a foundational and enabling framework for contributing to the creation of an open, sustainable and equitable bioeconomy. More specifically Open Yeast Collection permits the building of plasmids from free, reusable and redistributable genetic parts for genetically modifying Saccharomyces cerevisiae or for the production of heterologous proteins in Pichia . The plasmids can be used for basic education and research (e.g. protein-protein interactions via yeast-2-hybrid) or for building multi-enzyme metabolic pathways to create a wide variety of natural/commodity chemicals as well as fine and specialized chemicals such as pharmaceuticals. This will appeal to a wide variety of users from educators & students, community-based & academic researchers and bio-entrepreneurs.


All parts in this collection are released under the OpenMTA and are freely available from FreeGenes